Glitter Paint Glit glaze rose gold

Glitter Paint Glit glaze rose gold

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GlitGlaze Chic Finish is a water based finish that encapsulates and protects the Glitter. This product will provide a breathtaking glitter look and it only takes 2 steps!

Kits include:

  • 3'' Paitnbrush (brocha)
  • Stir stick
  • Glit glaze
  • Gold glitter

Size: one quart

Covers: approximately 8x10 wall

Chic Finish is the magic touch that makes any surface pop!

Uses: Ideal for any water based painted surface.Including drywall, wood, metal, canvas, masonry, plastic and more! 

Instructions: Use when temperature is between 55*F (13*C) and 95*F (35*C) and humidity below 85% to ensure proper drying.

  • Clean and dry the surface of any dust, oil,or residue.
  • If painting a wall ,remove all nail, screws, and electrical wall plates.
  • Tape surrounding edges and cover the floor to avoid spatter.
  • Surface to be painted should be primed with the desired base color.

Once the surface is ready, let magic begin!

  • Stir the GlitGlaze and pour in the Glitter simultaneously. To avoid spilling, add glitter in little by little.
  • Whit the stir Stick (included) mix until well blended, While painting, keep mixing the product to maintain the glitter evenly dispersed since it tends to settle in the bottom.
  • Whit the Paintbrush (included) apply GlitGlaze in horizontal and vertical directions on surface to evenly distribute the Glitter.
  • We recommend painting one square foot at a time.


  • Extreme Durability
  • No hassle,No Mess, No worries
  • No odor
  • Water clean up
  • Water Based 
  • Fast Dry 
  • Easy to apply
  • Washable